“Pick a card and let it lead you through the wonders of Delft”


 2-in-1 pocket travel guide & Go fish card game

Play and have fun!

All the beauty Delft has to offer in 36 cards

Get to know the city with this handy deck of cards. A card game to play at home and a travel guide to explore all the beauty Delft has to offer. Discover Vermeers’ paintings, find the nicest Delft Blue pieces and learn about the story of William of Orange. Pick a card an let it lead you through the wonders of Delft!


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The game is also a nice business gift.

Do you want to surprise your clients, emplyees or partners? This card game is a great corporate and promotional gift with enough originality and thoughtfulness. It can be personalized for your brand. Are you interested? Contact us. 

It is fun!

It is fun to play a game and explore the beautiful city of Delft the same time. Have a break when in Delft to play the game or play it at home. It is a nice souvenir from one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands. 

Game rules

How to play the Go-Deflt card game? It is similar to ‘Go-Fish’ and ‘Happy Families” You have to collect series with 4 cards. A game which takes 10-20 minutes and can be played with the whole family (6-104) 🙂

Interesting facts

The game is not only fun to play. It also has beautiful pictures of Delft and every card has interesting facts about the city and an address so you can visit the place. Use it as a guide through Delft.

With love from Delft

he GO-Delft project is a project made with love for Delft. After a blog about Delft, a map with hotspots, graphic designer Alice decided to make this game. With a typical Delft Blue design from Royal Delft it is a must have from Delft.   


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ISBN: 978-90-831977-1-5