Game rules

Don’t show your hand
photo: Alice van den Dool

This is a Quartet card game, similar to Go Fish.

Object game: collect 4 cards of the same series.
Got most series? You’re the winner!

Game rules 3-6 players

Shuffle and deal all cards (evenly) between players. Don’t show your hand to anyone.

Ask another player for a specific card from a series you’re collecting. Example: Julia, do you have card Delft tile from the series Delft blue?

If Julia has the card, she has to give it to you You can then ask her or another person for another card.
If Julia doesn’t have the card, it becomes her turn When you have all 4 cards of the same series you say Explore Delft

Don’t have any cards left? You’re out of the game.

Game rules 2 players

Each player gets 7 cards The remaining cards are facedown in a pile in the middle of the table The game is played as described above.